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Shaxon Industries Inc enters a new phase of growth and expansion.

S H A X O N   I N D U S T R I E S, I N C.
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To our valued business partners,

With the backing of our new parent company Mikrolink ( Shaxon is entering a new phase of growth and expansion.

As part of our expansion phase we will be increasing our value to our customer base by investing in the most aggressive off-the-shelf product stocking in our history, with multiple containers of stock copper and fiber product heading to both the West Coast and our logistical hub near Jacksonville Florida. We will also add additional logistically critical warehousing locations in the USA over the next year.

Customers have traditionally turned to us for our product knowledge, competent sales staff and quick-turn manufacturing abilities, we are proud to continue this tradition with no interruption. The Shaxon you know and rely on remains the same post-transition with the only notable change being the capital investment and support from Mikrolink to improve our stock levels, time to market and new product development.

The synergies of the companies in the Mikrolink group will give our customers access to an even more diversified product line, including expansion into data center markets on a whole new scale.

We look forward to working with our existing customer base and new customers as we kick off a new and improved Shaxon industries.

As always, thank you for the opportunity.

Jim Thompson

General Manager

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Get the skinny on Plenum-Rated 28AWG Patch Cables

Plenum-rated cable meets a higher safety standard than both CM and riser-rated cable (CMR). It is fire-resistant and produces less smoke than other cable jackets. Plenum cable (CMP) is typically used within buildings’ plenum spaces, which often provide HVAC services. In the past, solid 23AWG cables were utilized in these spaces because they were inexpensive and carry signals over long distances. These solid cables are not flexible and can fracture under constraint as well as compromise connections when bent, causing plugs to pull out of jacks.

Shaxon stranded plenum patch cable meets the loss-prevention requirements of insurance companies, as well as the demands of Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections short-space cables, where inflexible solutions do not work. With insurance rates on the rise, building owners are increasingly choosing plenum-rated cable as the best long-term decision.

They are ideal for use in patching applications where a CMP rating is mandated, or where fire protection, limited smoke emissions and streamlined CM and CMR cable requirements are desired.

Given their smaller and flexible design, cable density is improved and increased air flow for rack ventilation is maximized. Applications include plenum spaces, top-of-rack, patching solutions, high-density installations, temperature-sensitive spaces, secure networks and PoE. Ratings include NEC (ETL)-type CMP and CEC C(ETL)-type CMP.

Approved by the TIA’s TR-42.7 Copper Cabling Systems Subcommittee in 2018, TIA-568.2-D is a revision to the 568 cabling standard that recognizes 28 AWG patch cords. Previously the TIA had recommended only 22 AWG to 26 AWG for balanced twisted-pair cables. The addition of 28 AWG guidance is important for high-density applications where congestion, airflow and sharp bend radii are major considerations. Their smaller diameter allows 28 AWG patch cords to be used in places where 22 AWG to 26 AWG may be difficult or impossible to deploy.

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TAA-Compliant ≠ Made in the USA

Shaxon is your source for TAA-Compliant cables and Made in the USA assemblies.  It should be noted TAA-Compliant is defined as “U.S.-made or designated country end products.”  Designated countries can be in Europe, Asia, South America or even across the US border in Canada or Mexico.  Some companies are TAA-Compliant but products are manufactured in one of the many countries, outside the USA, included in the definition of designated country end products.

Shaxon is different.  We manufacture products in the USA to meet TAA-Compliant Standards so you are receiving a product that meets the definition and spirit of TAA-Compliant.  By purchasing TAA-Compliant cables from Shaxon you are receiving a high quality product with shorter lead-times than overseas manufacturing, your purchase helps drive the US economy, and your purchase supports a locally owned business of over 40 years.

Shaxon can provide a wide offering of TAA-Compliant assemblies from Cat 5e/6/6A, fiber optics, A/V, computer cable and peripheral assemblies, coax, and more.  You can send us your specification or we can build a specification based on your needs.  Be sure to reach out to your Shaxon Sales Contact or you can reach Shaxon at 1-800-345-8295.

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Cabinets and Racks

Shaxon Industries stocks high quality cabinets and racks which can be drop shipped to any job site to reduce inventory costs and arrive just in time.  Cabinets come with all the features you’d expect like RMU markings, locks, integrated fans, mounting hardware, and designed for 19 inch equipment. Cabinets are shipped assembled with locking casters and leveling feet for easy installation.

Wall mount and free standing racks provide the affordability you need with the customer service you deserve. Rugged heavy duty construction and shipped flat to reduce cost with simple onsite assembly. Powder coated with RMU markings to provide excellent aesthetics and ease of installation. 

As always, Shaxon ships only what you need.  No box quantities, minimum order quantities, drop ship fees, or any of the hassle.  Just good old fashioned friendly service to get you exactly what you need when you need it!

Request a quote from one of our knowledgeable staff for these items and more.

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California Prop 65 Warnings

On August 30, 2016, the Office of Administrative Law approved the adoption of amendments to Article 6, Clear and Reasonable Warnings, of the California Code of Regulations. This regulatory action repeals all the regulatory provisions of Title 27 of the California Code of Regulations, Article 6 (sections 25601 et seq.), except those added via an emergency rule-making in April 2016 related to warnings for exposures to bisphenol A in canned foods and beverages (Sections 25603.3(f) and (g)). The action will replace the repealed sections with a new regulation divided into two new Sub-articles to Article 6. The repealed and new regulations provide, among other things, methods of transmission and content of warnings deemed to be compliant with the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65).

The regulation will be operative on August 30, 2018. In the interim, businesses may comply with the regulation in effect on August 30, 2016, or the provisions of the new regulation. This will allow for a reasonable transition period for businesses to begin providing warnings under the new provisions.

Please visit For additional information and self education.

Shaxon branded packaging with integrated warning text will be implemented as stock is received. Prior to full integration, products will have warning labels applied. Previews of warning labels used on various Shaxon products can be viewed here.

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Quality is our number one priority

Shaxon adopted the ISO 9001 standards program as well as the IPC/WHMA certified training program in addition to many other certifications and testing programs in order to meet our quality goals. The result of these measures is improved accountability, organization, manufacturing consistency and quality.

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Connectivity choices, redefined

Shaxon Industries stocks a full line of cost competitive Premise Networking products. From outlet to wiring closet we feature a variety of options and connectivity solutions. Our ability to manufacture quickly and with reasonable minimums allows us to combine the connectivity items we stock along with custom manufactured items to deliver the best solution for your specific installation.