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Listening to our customers and bringing their unique requirements to life has been part of our DNA since we began manufacturing in California in the early 90’s. Over the years, we have learned to bring the best of our onshore and offshore manufacturing together.

At Shaxon, we’ve crafted hundreds of specialized tools to create unique molded assemblies just for you. Our commitment goes beyond borders—with tooling stocked in both our California plant and global affiliate factories—ensuring unparalleled choices for both low and high-volume production.

How Made For You, Works?



Bring us your concept or idea and we’ll work with you to bring it to life! Our range of customization spans our complete product line. It all starts with reaching out to our experienced sales staff and relying on our years of experience finding the right solution for our valued customers.



We prioritize the design phase, recognizing its pivotal role in delivering exceptional service. Our experienced engineering team collaborates closely with your own engineering counterparts, ensuring a seamless and effective partnership. By combining our expertise with your unique requirements, we strive to optimize the design process, ultimately guaranteeing the delivery of the highest quality service tailored to your specific needs.



Our production team is relentless when it comes to engineering guidelines and quality standards. Production is seasoned in all of our product lines including but not limited to:

  • Premise Wiring Customs
  • Computer Peripheral Customs
  • Fiber Optic Customs
  • Audio/Video Customs
  • Broadcast/Telecom/Satellite Customs



Empowering your project with precision, our dedicated Quality Assurance team possesses a comprehensive array of testing tools. During this crucial testing phase, we invite you to submit samples, facilitating collaborative scrutiny by both your internal QA team and engineering experts, ensuring a flawless and customized solution that aligns perfectly with your standards.



Nothing beats getting exactly what you want. All of our teams work together to exceed any expectations you may have. The accolades and referrals we receive speak volumes to our team and drives them to always go above and beyond.

Options Designed for You.



When selecting custom design options for your cables, consider the crucial factor of environment to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Whether your cables will be exposed to harsh industrial conditions, outdoor elements, or require specific insulation for temperature-sensitive environments, our customization options cater to diverse settings.



In our state-of-the-art cable production facility, we specialize in crafting custom cable options tailored for the evolving needs of data centers, AI computing centers, and future technologies. For data-intensive environments, high-speed parallel buses offer rapid data transmission, optimizing performance. Meanwhile, the demand for streamlined connectivity in AI computing centers often calls for advanced serial buses, ensuring efficient communication between components. As we look toward the future, our commitment extends to emerging technologies, incorporating cutting-edge data bus options such as optical fibers and high-frequency RF buses, positioning your infrastructure at the forefront of technological innovation.



Dive into a world of connectivity where options abound, offering a spectrum of possibilities for copper, fiber, RF, digital, and analog solutions. Whether you seek high-speed data transmission, reliable analog connections, or cutting-edge fiber optics, our diverse range ensures a custom-fit solution for every communication need, unleashing a seamless network tailored precisely to your specifications.



Crafting a cable solution to your exact specifications, our team collaborates closely with yours, ensuring a personalized and meticulously tailored product. From intricate specifications to the finest details, this personalized service guarantees a cable solution that not only meets but surpasses your expectations, elevating your connectivity experience to unprecedented levels.

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