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Shaxon Specializes in supplying our customers what they require, both in value and quality.

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Custom Production

In the US
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Listening to our customers and bringing their unique requirements to life has been part of our DNA since we began manufacturing in California in the early 90's. Over the years, we have learned to bring the best of our onshore and offshore manufacturing together.

Shaxon has developed 100's of tooling for various custom molded assemblies. We can stock tooling both in our CA plant and global affiliate factories to offer unsurpassed options in low and high volume production.

How Made For You, Works?

Our Methods

Step 1


Bring us your concept or idea and we'll work with you to bring it to life! Our range of customs spans our complete product line. It all starts with reaching out to our experienced sales staff and relying on our years of experience finding the right solution for our valued customers.

Step 2


Our knowledgeable engineering team will work with your engineering team to make sure you receive the best service possible.

Step 3


Our production team is relentless when it comes to engineering guidelines and quality standards. Production is seasoned in all of our product lines including but not limited to:

  • Premise Wiring Customs
  • Computer Peripheral Customs
  • Fiber Optic Customs
  • Audio/Video Customs
  • Broadcast/Telecom/Satellite Customs
Step 4


The Quality Assurance team has all the tools needed for testing. At this stage we can submit samples for your internal QA team and engineering team to test.

Step 5


Nothing beats getting exactly what you want. All of our teams work together to exceed any expectations you may have. The accolades and referrals we receive speak volumes to our team and drives them to always go above and beyond.

Options Designed for You.



We offer solutions that meet specifications for some of the most stringent guidelines in industry and government. But did you know we offer a variety of cable options? There is no reason why meeting industry standards should not look great.


Data Bus

We have your back when new technology needs to connect to legacy devices. Our domestic molding capabilities are unparalleled. The seasoned production staff can manufacture the cables you need to connect your legacy machinery to more efficient automated technology.


Fiber Optic

Designing fiber optic networks is never easy. We have the knowledge and tools at your disposal to optimize every corner of your network with custom cable options. Our engineers and account managers have assisted with the design and production of a wide variety of FTTx solutions.


Efficient Options

Airflow and environmental planning in Data Centers is just as crucial to cost as the design of the network itself. We offer custom copper data solutions from armored direct burial jackets to Ultra-slim patch cable assemblies with one of the lowest drag coefficients in the industry.