About Us


Years of Experience

Shaxon Industries, Inc main headquarters is located in Orange, California, with additional logistical hubs strategically located in California and Florida to enhance the efficiency of our operations and improve our customers' overall experience.

Founded in 1978, Shaxon Industries manufactures consumer electronics, facility cabling products, fiber optic assemblies and enclosures, SFPS and GBICS, custom cable assemblies, computer peripheral cables, audio/video cables, bulk cables and connectors, and other network products.

At Shaxon Industries, quality is our number one priority. As an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer, we pride ourselves on the steps that we have taken to design and implement a successful quality program, ensuring superior products and service.

Shaxon's Premise and OEM division supports the wholesale distribution of Premise Wiring Products, computer peripheral cables, and OEM/ODM customers with both off-the-shelf and custom-manufactured requirements. We offer scalable manufacturing by manufacturing both in California and at global locations. We are experts in this field with competitive lead times. Our extensive stock in California is supported by logistics stock shipped from Jacksonville, Florida, on the east coast.

Shaxon’s Consumer Electronics division is focused on expanding our retail presence throughout North America by providing the highest quality products at a favorable price point for the consumer. You will find our products at online retailers, local general and hardware stores, specialty electronics retailers, as well as nationwide superstores. We offer appealing and informative packaging and have the capabilities to provide products in private-labeled and customized packaging with reasonable minimum quantities and competitive lead times. Our Consumer Electronics division is supported by stock from our California warehouse.