Global sourcing, California manufacturing

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When it comes to Custom Cable Assemblies and Wiring Products, consider Shaxon Industries your first choice for innovative product development. Our experienced teams of engineers are ready to help you design, prototype and implement your specialty requirement. Manufacturing both in California and abroad gives us the ability to expedite your prototype or first article need and then produce low or high volume orders with the best combination of lead time and cost effectiveness.



I work on business development, web development, and project management here at Shaxon. My background in tech goes as far back as SIPP memory, Token Ring, and AppleTalk. Weekends with my community meme a lot to me.

About Us

Our Premise and OEM division staff are industry educated and experienced​ enough to know that your business has very specific needs. We support Wholesale Distributors & OEM/ODM clients with industry-standard domestic stocked products and provide custom manufactured solutions.

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