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Custom Fiber Optic Assemblies

Shaxon Industries realizes installation labor is a significant portion of fiber optic system costs and high quality fiber technicians can be difficult to find and retain. Project timing can also be an issue with multiple locations in need of limited fiber technicians on staff. A large project behind in the construction schedule can be expedited or concurrent projects can be handled more easily by minimizing on-site terminations.

Benefits of Pre-terminated Fiber Assemblies

  • Cost savings – in most cases Shaxon production can reduce costs vs. on site termination
  • Fixed cost – there are no onsite re-terminations which can cut into profits
  • Faster installation – easier to fit work into overall construction schedule
  • Simpler installation – Shaxon can terminate both ends or provide pigtails for fusion splicing
  • Minimize temporary labor – contractors can do more with existing fiber technician

Connector options:

  • MTP, LC, SC, ST, and more
  • Blunt end
  • Pull Sock or Pulling Eye

Cable options:

  • 2-144 strand PVC, plenum, armored, and more
  • Pigtails for fusion splicing Red, Blue, Green, and more
  • Red, Blue, Green, and more